…To The Includedincluded


The point of this web site is to put forward another way of being in the world. There is so much superstition that affects those who hold no such position, and it is becoming too much for thinkers who just want to be left to their thoughts. When superstition infiltrates government, and popular consensus without any election, it is a problem. Become part of The Included, and exclude yourself from superstitious norms.




Ultimately, the idea is that you recognise YOU are responsible for your thoughts and actions. You develop your awareness to the point that you can choose how you are in the world; how you construct yourself in the world and as such, choose whether to believe something or not.

This is the opposite approach to religion, which states “do not think for yourself” and instead, blindly follow Jesus, or Mohammed or Moses and so on.

So, enjoy the site and if you can help improve it, by bringing better arguments, more robust perspectives or repudiating anything we have here, then please get in touch.